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Cornell has a strong and growing group of researchers interested in understanding and supporting interactions between people, computers, and society. We span a variety of disciplines, including communication, computer science, information science, psychology, science and technology studies, and sociology. We use a number of methodologies, including system-building, field studies, lab experiments, modeling,, and critical theory. And finally, we study these interactions in the context of real, important problems.

The two most common majors (for undergrads) or fields (for graduate students) for HCI students are communication and information science. Students interested in HCI should definitely contact the departments, as well as the individual professors listed below whose interests most closely align with theirs, to talk about how to match their goals with what Cornell offers. In addition, below is a list of courses that are offered in either (or both) departments, along with courses from other departments that HCI students commonly take.




Information about related classes is coming soon...